Bloody Bens Gin

We’re bloody excited to announce that we’re going to make Bloody Bens Gin!

We’ll be setting up a Micro Distillery in Ben’s Canteen Earlsfield and hand crafting small batches.

The first Gin we’ll be working on will include Wandsworth Honey to give it a local flavour.

Of course, we’ll still be making our Bloody Mary Mix but the intention with Bloody Bens has always been to make more products that are anything but ordinary. We can’t wait to make Red Snappers (Gin based Bloody Marys) with our very own Gin.

We’re also thrilled at the prospect of becoming the first Distillery in Earlsfield. Ben’s Canteen there is designed to be a brilliant neighbourhood hangout and having Gin produced onsite seems, to us at least, to be a great extension of that. Hopefully it’ll also help make the area more vibrant and create more jobs in the local community too.

We’ll be sharing news of our Gin Journey and you can keep up with developments on our Insta feed too.