Anything but ordinary.

This is the Mission for Ben.

It started with Ben’s Canteen, restaurants in South West London that set out to be neighbourhood hangouts that are anything but ordinary.

Part of this meant creating a great Brunch offering and this required having a brilliant Bloody Mary.

We’re big fans of Bloody Marys, when done well, but annoyingly there are lots of ordinary examples out there and we know how hard it is to make a good one at home.

We spent a lot of time getting our Bloody Marys just so, combining the right blend of herbs and spices in a mix to deliver a bloody great Bloody Mary, every time. And, after years of Ben’s Canteen customers asking us, we’ve done just that and bottled it.

The plan then was to create more products that were anything but ordinary.

Ben is a big Gin lover, so the natural next step was a London Dry Gin, inspired by living in London and holidaying in Mallorca – the Bloody Bens Signature Gin.

In September 2019, we took over Ben’s Canteen in Earlsfield, giving Bloody Bens a permanent home. Installing a new, small, Copper Still to create more Gins. There’s a Gin Bar and a Kitchen too – serving Tapas in the evenings and Brunch at the Weekends.

What might the future hold? More Gins for sure, perhaps a flavoured Vodka to make Bloody Marys even better. A Rum? If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like us to produce next then please email


About Ben

Ben started Ben’s Canteen back in 2011, launching the first Canteen by Clapham Junction in South West London.

The Canteens serve thousands of customers every week and sell hundreds of Bloody Marys, they are renowned for their Burgers, Wine and for offering one of the most indulgent Brunches in London.

And, we’ll let you into a secret, Ben used to hate Bloody Marys but the Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix converted him and he is now a big fan, even pouring them at home when relaxing with friends and family.

We know that other people are also wary of a Bloody Mary, chances are, you’ve just never had a good one and Bloody Bens is on a mission to change that. But if you still don’t like them, after you’ve tried one with our Bloody Mary Mix, then use the Mix in cooking and fix yourself some Bloody Hot Wings!



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