We have two types of spirits available: Gin and Coffee Liqueur.


Bloody Bens Gin is made on our small Copper Still, in our Micro Distillery on Nightingale Lane, Balham, South West London.

We hand craft small batches of Gin (around 60 bottles at a time) that are anything but ordinary.
We started life in Earlsfield but have relocated up the road to Nightingale Lane, find us downstairs at the brilliant bottle shop, The Wine Twit. Located a short walk from Clapham South, Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common and with Tooting not far away, it’s truly a South West London Gin.
You can pop into The Wine Twit to purchase our Gin directly from source – you’ll also find our Bloody Mary Mix there too. If you can’t make it down, then you can get our Gin delivered anywhere in the UK by ordering on our online shop. You’ll also find amazing Gin gift packs for the Gin lovers in your life, or as the perfect treat to yourself.
This is the ingredient for perfect Espresso Martinis at home.
It’s a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur made in collaboration with our friends at Redroaster, Brighton’s best coffee roaster.
Expect milk chocolate flavours with a strong but delicious coffee aftertaste and just the right balance of sweetness.


Our first ever Gin, inspired by Mallorcan dreaming and London living.

Ben has been visiting Mallorca for 20 years and on those trips, typically strolling around Palma Old Town and stopping for a Cana or a (very) large Gin and Tonic, he used to dream of starting his own business. These ambitions were fuelled by living in London, frequently inspired by the amazing entrepreneurial spirit of the City.

Bloody Bens Signature Gin, whilst being a traditional juniper forward London Dry Gin, has Honey and Orange notes.

The Honey represents living and working in South West London (Honey was about the only thing we could find that was made locally – although of course, now there is Gin too!). The Oranges represent holidaying and dreaming in Mallorca.

The Gin has been made with escapism in mind. Escapism, of course, is different to everyone, For some, it’s saying screw it, I’m going to do it and start their own business. For others, it’s going on a lovely holiday. And for some, it’s taking a moment after a long day at work, or putting the kids to bed, to pour yourself a delicious drink and to savour the day.

Whatever your definition of escapism, every sip of Bloody Bens Signature Gin delivers a taste of what memories are made of.

Garnish with an Orange slice, and a sprig of Lavender, if you have it.

Equally great straight up, as a G&T or in a cocktail. Salud!



Bloody Bens Pink Gin is our second Gin (the first was our Signature Gin) it’s inspired by Wimbledon Tennis which is just up the road from our original micro distillery in Earlsfield.

We did it as a special during the Championships, it had to Strawberries & Cream, and it was so popular that we realised that we needed to make it full time.

As well as being inspired by Wimbledon, it’s a celebration of London Summers and the label represents those amazing sunsets – watching one of those with a refreshing Gin & Tonic in hand feels a rather marvellous moment.


Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Bloody Bens Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is the ingredient for making perfect Espresso Martinis and Coffee Negronis.

It’s also delicious straight up, over ice, or, Big Lebowski style, in a White Russian cocktail.

And, why not use it to add some punch to your Affogato or Tiramisu?!

Made in collaboration with Redroaster, Brighton’s best coffee roaster.


Yes, you may well have lots of Gins and you might be thinking, why Bloody Bens Gin?

Well, firstly, the Signature Gin tastes great and whilst being a traditional London Dry, the Honey and Orange notes give it a distinctive taste (and help to make the best Negronis).

And the Pink Gin, is premium, it isn’t a Gin liqueur and doesn’t taste as sweet as it looks. Tasting of Strawberries & Cream, it’ll give your customers a flavour of British Summer, whatever the time of year.

The label design on both Gins is great, giving genuine, eye catching, differentiation on your shelves.

Combined with great tasting spirit, we believe this will result in the most crucial thing, repeat purchases.

Meanwhile, our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur gives your customers a genuinely great tasting, boutique and independent, coffee liqueur for making Espresso Martinis and other coffee cocktails.

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