Dry January – Jancis Robinson

Dry January is very much a thing, as is No and Low Alcohol. Not everyone realises but our Bloody Mary Mix is non-alcoholic (and Vegan and Gluten Free) and is perfect for those abstaining – something we were delighted to see picked up on the (legendary) Jancis Robinson website.

Aiming for a healthy January? You might as well do it properly. Don’t fill yourself up with sugary alternatives, and do get some vitamins into your drinks (willpower is stronger when the body is healthy). This mix is a great base for Virgin Mary cocktails. London brunch-specialist restaurateur Ben Walton created it after years of experience dealing with hung-over customers. One bottle contains enough zing to make thirty drinks. Add it to decent quality tomato juice, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and Bob’s your smug, healthy, lycopene-packed uncle.”

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