What’s the best Vodka for Bloody Marys?

Wondering what’s the best Vodka to help you make the perfect Bloody Mary?

Well, the first step is to make sure you’re using our Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix! This means you’ve got the base for a consistently great Bloody Mary. However, there’s no doubt that adding a brilliant Vodka will take your Bloody Mary to the next level.

So, which Vodka should you be using? Well, we are massive fans of Wild Mary Vodka, a sensational Spiced Vodka, distilled in the beautiful Surrey Hills. This is a must try.

We started life in Ben’s Canteen and just up the road is the Doghouse Distillery in Battersea who make Baller Vodka from scratch. Totally unfiltered and ridiculously smooth.

Staying in London, we seriously recommend Sacred Organic Vodka which is made in Highgate, North London.

And we’ve always been huge fans of Dorset and the the super smooth Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka made there.

All of these Vodkas are available in our online shop, under our Bloody Friends section, and we guarantee that they’ll take your Bloody Mary from good to great.

And, if you’re not into Vodka then you should definitely be using our Signature Gin to make your Bloody Mary. Actually, did you know that a Gin based Bloody Mary is often referred to as a Red Snapper? So, to make the best Red Snapper, make sure you’re using our Gin!