What’s the best Tomato Juice for a Bloody Mary

One of the questions we are commonly asked is, “What’s the best tomato juice for a Bloody Mary?”

To which, we always have the same reply, because Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix is in effect a concentrate, an absolute flavour station, it will help transform any Tomato Juice into a delicious Bloody Mary. All the flavour is in our special Spice Mix, it’s the ingredient for a perfect Bloody Mary.

However, if pushed, we will always recommend our friends at The Tomato Stall who grow the most amazing tomatoes in the Isle of Wight. The quality of the tomatoes is then reflected in the juice. Full flavoured and naturally sweet and refreshing, it contains nothing but vine ripened tomatoes.

We’ve partnered with them since the very beginning of the Bloody Bens online shop and we sell their Tomato Juice in our Bloody Mary making kits and as straight up Tomato Juice packs for those who already have a bottle of Mix in their fridge but need some delicious juice.

Browse our Bloody Mary Gift Packs here and order a pack of tomato juice here.


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