American Diner style Pancakes

American Diner Style Pancakes:

Bloody Bens was borne out of Ben’s Canteen. The Canteen was famous for Brunch and to complete the experience we needed to create a banging Bloody Mary which, after much experimentation, we absolutely nailed. The secret was the Spice Mix. Then customers started asking us to bottle it, and just before Christmas 2017, Bloody Bens was created.

Sadly the Canteen is no more, following the two years or so after the Brexit referendum, footfall began to reduce, spend went down and costs went up and up, so eventually, like so many other shops and restaurants, the business couldn’t carry on. However, the silver lining is that Bloody Bens continues!

The other day, we were going through the Canteen archives and came across some old recipes, so we thought we’d share them with you. Please note, these are chef specs rather than more precise home cooking notes, so bear that in mind, especially when you’re yearning for a bit more detail.

To be honest, Ben was a bit dubious about these American Diner style Pancakes. Obvs they’re mega popular in the States but would they work in SW London? Safe to say they certainly did! Whilst, this was only on the menu for the final few months of the Canteen, it became one of the best sellers in that time. This is not a healthy number but with a bit of a hangover and a Bloody Mary, this is a classic recovery Brunch dish.

For this recipe, you’ll need the basic pancake recipe which you can find here.


  • A stack of 3 Pancakes – get the Pancake recipe here.
  • 2 Rashers of Bacon – the thicker the better. Ideally go to your local butcher and ask for Smoked Streaky Bacon cut thick from the slab.
  • 1 Runny Fried Egg
  • 25g Maple Syrup
  • Butter


First of all prepare your Pancake Mix, then cook your Bacon followed by the Pancakes, you want a stack of three. Fry an egg and remember, you want that yolk runny.

Butter each Pancake and then top the stack with your Fried Egg. Place your Bacon by the side and put your Maple Syrup in a pot and then drizzle over as your gluttony/heart allows.


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