Bloody Bens Pink Gin x Mello Cello Cocktail

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Mello Cello to make a delicious cocktail that will brighten your day, whatever your mood or whatever the weather is doing outside. Paired with our premium, Pink Gin, which tastes of strawberries & cream, it’s a simple gin cocktail to make and a joy to drink!


  • 25ml Bloody Bens Pink Gin
  • 6 Raspberries
  • 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • 25ml @thatmellocello
  • Folkingtons Soda
  • Slice of Lemon


Add the first 5 ingredients to an iced shaker (or jam jar) and shake until cold.

Double strain into an iced highball glass, top with soda and garnish with a slice of lemon.