Every Bloody Needs Somebody

Top Gin Blogger, Annabel aka The Gin Judge, has created a delicious cocktail featuring our Signature Gin.

Here’s how to make “Every Bloody Needs Somebody”.


  • 50ml Bloody Bens Signature Gin
  • 25ml Sugar Syrup
  • 25ml Runny Golden Honey
  • 100ml Fresh Orange Juice
  • Lavender Leaves
  • Orange Bitters


  • Muddle the leaves.
  • Add the Gin, Sugar Syrup, Honey, Orange Juice and a couple of dashes of Orange Bitters.
  • Note, do not add ice before honey otherwise the honey will turn solid!
  • Stir ingredients.
  • Add Ice and Shake.
  • Strain and Serve.


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