Pumpkin Spiced Martini

Our friend Josh of Pick Your Poison has created this Halloween inspired, Pumpkin Spiced Martini, gin cocktail featuring our Bloody Bens Signature Gin.

Perfect for a spooky night but also, given the pumpkin element here, you could easily serve this at Thanksgiving or throughout Autumn.


  • 50ml Bloody Bens Signature Gin
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Toffee Syrup
  • 50ml Pumpkin Spiced Syrup
  • Pumpkin Spiced Rim (you can buy the spice mix or try making your own with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove).


To make the pumpkin spiced syrup; blend 250g of pumpkin innards (a great use after you’ve carved your jack-o’-lantern0) and then add to 200ml water and 200g sugar. Heat until the sugar dissolves.

Rim a martini glass with the pumpkin spice.

Add all the ingredients to an ice filled shaker (or jam jar), shake and strain into your pumpkin spiced martini glass.


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