Sarah Bryant’s Ultimate Red Snapper

We asked Gin expert, Sarah Bryant, to come up with her ultimate Gin based Bloody Mary (otherwise known as a Red Snapper), using our Bloody Mary Mix.

After testing several Gins, she opted to pair our Mix with Fishers Gin – a London Dry Gin using herbs and botanicals found along the Suffolk Coast. She chose it as it has big herbal notes which help create a super moorish spicy savoury drink which is guaranteed to pick you up after a heavy night!

Recipe and method below and, as a little bonus, you can enjoy 15% off in our online shop by using the code DIYGIN at checkout (valid until the end of 2018).


  • 50ml Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix
  • 150ml Tomato Juice
  • 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 50ml Fishers Gin


Rim your glass with Celery Salt then mix the ingredients together in a mixing glass, pour over lots of ice to serve.

Garnish with a couple of trimmed Celery Sticks and a wedge of Peppered Lemon.