The Gin Shelf Review

Top Gin Blogger, Matt Burton, aka @theginshelf has written a lovely review of our Signature Gin. You can read the full blog post here and below is the abbreviated version…

My overall verdict? It’s bloody good…(sorry). At first I was thrown; when I opened the bottle I was expecting to dip my toe in the sea, and experience the summer warmth of Majorca. But what I got on the neat serve was a ‘do up your duffle coat, London Christmas market’ sensation. It’s not that, that was a bad thing – it was just completely unexpected! But then throw a Mediterranean Tonic & a healthy dose of orange garnish at the glass, and you’d better slap on the sun cream, as you’re instantly transported to sweeter and warmer climates! For my pallet, I far prefer this as a longer serve, with the G&T providing an exciting and refreshingly different take on the classic.

And any gin that can double up to deliver a well balanced and rounded Negroni is a thing of beauty, to be applauded, heralded and then drank (sensibly and in moderation of course…).

It delivers the classics in a uniquely interesting and moreish style. But then for a gin that describes itself as ‘anything but ordinary’ what were you expecting? The ordinary?!

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